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“City Home Tutorial services” is a learner-centric home tutor’s provider company. Students are at the centre of our services. Our all services are woven around the students. The features that we implement and the quality control methods help us to provide the premium home tutorial services in Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Bokaro.

The concept of Home Tuition is not new. It had evolved in the eras of Kings and Queens. Their Gurus used to visit their home to educate them. From “City Home Tutorial Services” we have successfully followed in their footsteps to bring home tutorial services at your doorstep.

Our tutorial services have been designed for:-

Nursery to 12th (All Boards | Classes | Subjects)

Other courses offered:

Spoken English foe Students, Professionals and Housewives | Computer | Commerce | JEE (Mains & Advanced) | JCECE | NEET-U.G | AIIMS |NTSE | KVPY | Olympiads | CPT-CA | Management | Test preparation for junior students | S.S.C | Banking | Railways Exams | CPT-CA | Dancing | Painting | Guitar Classes etc…

We provide the Excellence home tutorial services for the following levels students also:-

B.Sc | B.B.A | B.Com |B.C.A | B.TECH | B.E | Hobby Training for Professionals and Housewives

What do we offer you?

  • Well qualified tutors from best schools/Coaching of the city*.
  • Male/Female Tutors as per your requirements
  • Improvement in grades, I.Q, E.Q and C.Q level.
  • Option to choose place and time.
  • Option to choose tutor.
  • Regular Test facilities.
  • Regular Feedback from office.
  • Monthly visit of Counselor.
  • Affordable pricing with easy payment methods.
  • Available for multiple educational boards, classes and subjects.

In today’s world, one cannot separate education from technology. “City Home Tutorial services” try to bring technically supported best home tuition classes at your doorstep. The blend of education and technology has helped us in excelling as a home tutorial service provider. It makes our service more readily available to Indian students without compromising on quality.

Home Tuition is for everyone

Home Tuition is not an unfamiliar term in India anymore. Every parent desires to see their child excel academically. Earlier, people used to consider hiring a tutor for study from home as a sign of inability of the student to cope with academic lessons. However, given the present scenario, the old myth has been falsified. Now home tutorial is seen as a technique to guide students on “how to learn effectively to achieve excellent grades”. Our tutors work hard to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our students and address them using a unique and personalized study plan.

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City Home Tutorial Services:- As compared to the other concepts Home Tuition in India is relatively a new concept which strengthens its roots with each passing day. Though the service started with providing home tuition to the students of all classes today it covers the entire gamut of education industry and offers tuition for various types of Academic Education, entrance exams, professional degrees, vocational courses, hobby classes…

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The most common reason, parents opt for getting tuitions to guide their children better, is the individual attention and doubt clearing which is certainly not that easy while the child in his class. This is the major reason people opt for tuition at home. We make sure to offer the required and dedicated attention to polish the skills and expertise of each student so that they can flourish and excel in their respective fields of arts, commerce...

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If you are looking for a well qualified and experienced Home Tutor who can make learning a fun filled process, we'd be glad to help you. We have been successful in satisfying thousands of parents and students who want to bring out their child's maximum potential and get more out of education. Various benefits of home tutoring:- Every learner is different. They might differ in behavior, opinions, understanding skills and learning abilities…

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Private tutoring provides a safe environment for students to deal with their anxiety while preparing for major tests. The right tutor will not add pressure but instead will offer practical recommendations to help you review subject material and relax at the same time What method should you apply for Study? Want to develop a good study habit? Start Now!!! It is never too late or too early to practice studying. Many schooling students don’t know …

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Dear Tutors, Are you passionate about teaching and have some free time to spare? You have come to the right place. We provide exciting part-time Home Tuition Jobs In your city. We have tons of opportunities for you to brighten someone's life. To be a good tutor, you should have the following qualities: Great tutors are very rare and if a student is lucky enough to have one he/she cherishes and remembers forever. The teachings of a great tutor are like imprints…

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Vision & Mission

Education is not the amount of information that is put into your Brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life building, man making and character making assimilation of ideas. If you have assimilated few ideas and made them your life and character, you have more education than anyone who has got by heart a whole library. Our Vision:- To exemplify Excellence and Leadership in Education. Our Mission:- At City Home Tutorial Services our main…

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  • Well qualified tutors from best schools/Coaching of the city
  • Male/Female Tutors as per your requirements
  • Improvement in grades, I.Q, E.Q and C.Q level
  • Option to choose place and time
  • Option to choose tutor
  • Regular Test facilities
  • Regular Feedback from office
  • Monthly visit of Counselor
  • Affordable pricing with easy payment methods
  • Available for multiple educational boards, classes and subjects

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