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Sumeet Kumar

Name: Sumeet Kumar

Enrollment No. ITR4003
Subject(s) Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Spoken English, Soft Skills, Social Studies, Environmental Science (E.V.S), Hindi, History, Geography, Civics, Personality Development, Painting
Class(es) K.G Group, Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, Class V, Class VI, Class VII
Experience 8 years
City Jamshedpur
Area Mango
Mobile No. Know Phone Number

About Me
I am a man of many hats, teaching being one of them. Apart from teaching I write poems and short stories. I have even written a fiction which has been published by Notion Press. It is available online as paperback. It all began with teaching, so I keep coming back to my roots to teach and in turn learn even more. Teaching has given me the opportunity to express and influence the gen-next in the best possible way, as also altering their future for the better.

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